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The future of successful destination management lies in a creative mix of local knowledge and skills with unforgettable experiences while keeping safe parameters in mind. We have the most reliable and flexible partners, a pragmatic “can do” approach and a contemporary understanding of what it takes to create these precious moments.

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Maika Mardini [industry relations | market head USA, UK, & canada]

Event manager with heart and soul for 15 years, with a passion for the latest developments in the city and in the industry. I pay attention to the smallest detail and never lose sight of the big picture.
Maika Mardini, [time change] Berlin
Contact: [e-mail] │ Tel: +49 (30) 12076646 0

Tobias Brose [sports hospitality]

My passion for sports lead me to sports hospitality, I love working with international soccer teams, sponsors and any interaction around sports events. I love getting stuck in rather than standing on the sidelines.
Tobias Brose, [time change] Hamburg
Contact: [e-mail] │Tel: +49 (40) 2576718 0

Adeline Dommange [market head france]

I moved to beautiful Hamburg in 2013. Since then, I am show French (and also other international) clients the benefits of my new home as an event & incentive destination. Things are going great!
Adeline Dommange, [time change] Hamburg
Contact: [e-mail] │ Tel: +49 (40) 25767180

Bruno Lacerda [market head latin america | spain | portugal]

Half German, half Brazilian, I am available to our clients from Latin America & Iberia with a lot of empathy and know-how for exciting projects all over Germany!
Bruno Lacerda, [time change] Berlin
Contact: [e-mail] │ Tel: +49 (30) 12076646 0

Stefanie Keller [river cruise]

My motto: Home is where the anchor drops – my team and I are on site in every port and oversee demanding shore excursion programs. Doesn’t work, doesn’t exist in my dictionary. Doesn’t work, doesn’t exist in my dictionary.
Stefanie Keller, [time change] Frankfurt
Contact: [e-mail] │ Tel: +49 (69) 1532426 0

Beatrix Pahl [ocean cruise]

After a short career as a teacher, I discovered a love for the cruise industry. Since then, I have been working passionately on the perfect mix between large logistics, smooth tour management and creating exceptional and authentic experiences for our guests.
Beatix Pahl, [time change] Berlin
Contact: [e-mail] │ Tel: +49 (30) 12076646 0

Destination Services


Multiple disciplines and services from one source

There are a multitude of services that need to be coordinated for every event with finetuning, research and purchasing at the forefront along with other elements such as taxes, availability, cancellation or payment terms. Our experts always look at the big picture and try to find customized and compliant solutions.

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Cruise Services

A friend and partner in every port

The international cruise sector is currently facing enormous challenges. As a reliable and experienced partner, Time Change is helping cruise lines to master the new normal. New situations and parameters require dedicated and competent teams in major ports to be there for their clients 24/7. And that’s exactly what we have.

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Sports Hospitality

The devil is in the detail

In sports, seconds and centimetres often make the difference between victory and defeat. The “little things” make all the difference. Our team embodies this attention to detail, anytime anywhere. We know what teams and sponsors expect on site and deliver. [time change] is in the thick of things instead of just being on the sideline.

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Destination Management

The devil is in the detail

Our experts have their finger on the pulse of what is contemporary and what works… and what perhaps doesn’t. All in all, the possibilities are almost infinite and yet change daily. [time change] has a unique network of long-term partners and knows the right locations, restaurants and hotels that will make the difference.

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