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Event Technology

Digital is the “New Normal”, but no technology can completely replace human experience and intuition. In any case, we have developed a very diverse range of digital solutions , using the best of our knowledge, experience and beliefs. This is to support and hopefully improve current and future interactions. Live, virtual and hybrid, whatever the future may hold. Time for the future = [time change]

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Nicole Klier- de Hair

Logistics and problem-solving is my passion, which is why I have been supporting colleagues and customers with my know-how for over 15 years. At [time change] I am responsible for the development and implementation of innovative technical solutions.
Nicole Klier- de Hair, [time change] Berlin
Contact: [e-mail] │ Tel: +49 (30) 12076646 0

Jelka Fotiou

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic (Arthur C. Clarke) – let me bring that magical spark to your event!
Jelka Fotiou, [time change] Berlin
Contact: [e-mail] │ Tel: +49 (30) 12076646 0

Marina Arens

My colleagues call me a tech-loving solution finder. I see myself more as a committed consultant for our many exciting customers.
Marina Arens, [time change] Berlin
Contact: [e-mail] │ Tel: +49 (89) 8091193 0

Nolwenn Manske

With my experience in IT customer support and event management, I am looking forward to assisting you and answering all your questions about ePlan and eBrain.
Nolwenn Manske, [time change] München
Contact: [e-mail] │ Tel: +49 (89) 8091193 0

Event Technology Services

Online registration

It only takes a click to be in the heart of the action

Excel lists and mail merges are a thing of the past. With [eTime] you can create your hybrid or live event and will find an all-in-one event management software tailored to your needs at your fingertips. Customized design with a user-friendly interface for planning, organizing and holding events of all kinds.

#registrations2.0 #integrations #allinone

Guest management

Concentrate on the essentials

[eTime] supports you with the importing of guest data right the way through to the sending of customer-specific surveys and thus ensures accurate and safe data integrity for your events.

#guestmanagement #fullservice #allinone

Invitation & admission management

Guest management 2.0

As in real life, the first contact sets the tone, which is why [eTime] not only sends out graphically sophisticated invitations at the push of a button. [eTime] also means less waiting time on site with digital admission management and thus optimizes access control. We also offer additional solutions such as contactless admission management, which conform with health and hygiene procedures.

#invitations #admissionmanagement #allinone

Group and tour management

Time to think bigger

In order to ensure the smooth running of complex events on site, stakeholders and suppliers (technicians, location, hostesses, transport, caterers and more) need to be coordinated efficiently. [eTime] offers a unique resource and allocation management platform, which leaves nothing to be desired and simplifies communication and overview for everyone involved.

#groupmanagement #disposition #allinone

Meeting Management

Budget, project & resource management

During every event cycle priorities change as well as project and staff availability. With [eTime] you have an overview of financials, budgets and key project details, from deadlines to capacity planning, at any time during the event – from the first offer to the final invoice.

#ressourcemanagement #budget #allinone