Our responsibility starts from the inside out.

The Environment

We have the chance to emotionalize large groups of people with our service – day by day.

ERGO: We have a responsibility towards all groups that are part of our service process. Our focus lies on our employees as well as our clients, participants, suppliers and the society. The heart of our work plus the huge coverage of human beings makes our responsibility binding and we see it as our obligation. Naturally we can add here among others the sustainably office equipment and ergonomic setup of our working areas.

The Economy

As we are also following the primary objective of profit maximization we want to save time and money with our work. Our stakeholders and the environment, in which we see our responsibility to act as they are of great value for our company, shall benefit from the resulting positive outcome of time and money.

ERGO: The huge profit of working sustainably is to save time and money. We have a responsibility towards our employees and all groups that form the columns of our company. Here we are talking about sustainability in the areas of process optimizaion, project management, health management, quality management, risk analysis and complaint management.

The Society

We sell emotions and performance through people – thus our employees are the most valuable to us.

ERGO – Our responsibility lies specifically in managing our employees. To find a sustainable solution and to know what moves our employees, plus granting that their identity corresponds to our core values, is very important to us. Together with our employees we try to work on our relationship every day. In addition to that, we try to foster sustainable partnerships and include disadvantaged groups in our business work with the aim that also a greater part of our social surrounding profits from us.

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